An Overview of Admission in Top Engineering Colleges of India

An Overview of Admission in Top Engineering Colleges of India

Engineering is still counted as one of the most prestigious professions in our country. All students who opt for mathematics in high school, are forced to become an Engineer. Parents pile heaps of expectations on their kids as well. So, ask yourself whether you are having the aptitude to take up engineering as a career? If yes, then do detail research on the process of Admission in Top Engineering Colleges of India.

Here is an overview that will help you to understand how to get Admission in in best Engineering Colleges:


Choose the right subjects in higher secondary school

You should select the engineering-focused subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the High School (Grade/Class 11th & 12th).


Prepare for the engineering entrance exam

You should start your preparation at least 2 years in advance to get into the Top Engineering Colleges of India. Self-study is the best option but enrolling yourself in a coaching institute will help you plan and prepare better.


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Choose which entrance exams to appear for

Prioritize on which exams you wish to appear for. Depending upon your preparation you can opt for – All India level, State level and University level engineering entrance exams. You can also take help from AdmissionLelo, which is the most familiar platform for Career Counseling for Students.


 Choose a Branch or Specialization

You have to be very clear from the beginning on the choice of your specialization field in Engineering. As long as you want to do Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) or Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) or whether it is Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. Acharya Group of Institutes in Bangalore, Karnataka has some good specialization of International choice for Perusal.


Your Criteria or Preferences –¬†Facilities and Amenities

Everyone has specific criteria or preferences to select a college or a university. But we may not get everything in one place all the time unless we are quite lucky. However, we suggest you jot down your priority preferences & then come up with a list of priorities to help yourself to select the ideal technical colleges.

A few are mentioned below to consider the Best University in India as per your priorities.

  • Your choice of Engineering stream
  • Reputation
  • Accreditation
  • Fees & other costs
  • Class size or number of students in a section
  • State-of-the-art
  • Infrastructure: Faculty: Accreditation:
  • Campus Placement or Job Opportunities

Acharya Group of Institutes in Bangalore, Karnataka is one of the good University where you can find almost all the above as per your requirements.

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Choice of Location

Never compromise on your education due to location. The selection should be made prioritize as per the education and other important factors and not based on distance. You can always opt for a hostel or rental near the university or college in case the preferred good institute is slightly at a distance from your residence.


Rank-Wise College Predictor

College ranking plays a major role in the future career. It is easier to get professional guidance, internships and preferences in jobs if you belong to the reputed ranked institute.

You can also consider a few more parameters to choose a college of your choice:

  • Some Old, well-established colleges or institutions try hard to maintain their reputation; they become a brand in itself in the industry. If getting a chance, you should opt for them.
  • You should consider if there is curriculum flexibility in a college because if given a chance or if required you may consider multiple fields for specialization.
  • A very important factor is a fully equipped residential campus as you may wish to spend some time in the vicinities of your universities during your higher education system. A well-equipped campus gives you an opportunity to get the best education understanding 24/7.


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