Career Counselling Tips if you couldn’t score well in Board Exams

Career Counselling Tips if you couldn’t score well in Board Exams

With the announcement of class 12th exam results in many states, there creates much turmoil in a student’s life. The post-exam happiness turns into stressful days, worrying for entrances and Admission in Best University in India. If you are one of those seeking help and wanting to deal with post-result difficulty, you need to keep the Career Counselling Tips in mind.

There are simple and doable steps that can help you turn this situation around and get your career back on track.

Let’s look at those Career Counselling Tips.

 1. Focus on the bigger picture

We know it’s easier said than done when you are in a grim mindset but try. Look at your life five years from now.

2. Open your mind to changes

Believe in yourself that you cannot be stuck at one thing. If needed we can make changes in our lives in a different stream of education, be open to relocating and you will create the best for yourself Career Counselling Tips can be of much help in his scenario.

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3. Give yourself time to recover

Life does not end with mark sheets or results; this period of anxiety and pressure will also soon pass. Understand what you are disappointed with and then try to work on that. If you think it’s your own performance, can give yourself another year. Just A year of your entire life is not big a deal.

4. Talk

Communicating is very important especially If you are feeling low and guilty about your performance on the boards, never take the feelings down. You should Talk to someone you trust. Believe that, at least one person out there will understand you. If you still have doubts about opening to people, call up AdmissionLelo – the best Career Counsellor in Delhi.

5. Read and research

If your dream college or the stream you preferred needed a higher score, reconsider your options. Go to career counsellors or consider a skill-based course or figure out what other streams you are better at.

6. Get over comparison

Not everyone can be a topper” – accept and own the true skill set of your children and be proud of it.

7. Follow the new-age careers

There are many new careers that are upcoming and that had never existed earlier. There are many new jobs & opportunities in various fields that have recently come up. Explore them. We all fit in somewhere. Ansal University in Gurgaon is one good option for new age careers to explore.

8. Understand the signs of depression

 If you have tried everything and still withdrawing socially; consult a psychiatrist as soon as you can.

9. Take a Deep Breath and evaluate your options 

Evaluate the reason behind your poor scores, be it poor preparation strategy, lack of motivation or unforeseen circumstances. Once you know where exactly things went wrong, you would be better prepared to tackle your situation and plan your options ahead.

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10. Try for Entrance Exam-Based Courses

Not all courses require you to have scored a high percentage. Unlike merit-based courses, entrance exam-based courses consider your percentage only as eligibility criteria, and not one for selection. Thus, even if you have scored a decent percentage that matches the eligibility criteria usually in the range of 55 to 75%, you stand for a second chance at a good college if you ace the entrance exam.

11. Search in Tier-2 Colleges

The universities in the metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai are alluring brand names in themselves. But they are definitely not the only means to a successful career. There are many other great institutions that are often overlooked due to unawareness or misconceptions about them. However, their faculty, placements, exposure and courses are often good. Some of the Top Engineering Colleges in India are actually bases in Tier2 & 3 cities of India.

And the best part about them is that their cut-offs don’t run as high as they do for popular universities. Ansal University based in Gurgaon is one such reputed University you should refer to.

12. Go the Private Route but Strive for Excellence

If the rest of the routes do not work out and you find yourself wanting to take admission in a college this year itself, no matter what, then you can consider private universities too. Gurgaon based Ansal University offers courses in many such streams for higher studies.

Before you take the plunge do evaluate the institution in question carefully. Check their degree-authenticity if it is it UGC and AICTE approved or not, course curriculum, faculty, and most importantly, placements.

13. Focus on Higher studies

Work so hard on your basics that you crack a brilliant college or a university for your post-graduation. Once you do, your under-graduation isn’t going to matter a lot.

Once you enter professional life, your mark sheet doesn’t determine your worth. Ultimately, your skills, talents and knowledge will speak greater volumes about your calibre.

So, while life has dealt you a blow, try not to let it affect you too much. Dust yourself off and get back in the game with the help of expert counsellors in AdmissionLelo under one roof.