Career Tips to Study Abroad in India – After 12th Or Graduation

Career Tips to Study Abroad in India – After 12th Or Graduation

The decision on the best time to study abroad depends on the student. Studying during your senior year is an option, but note that academic calendars abroad do not always coincide which could create conflicts for you. People will hardly give you the correct Career Tips in life. So, while reading program descriptions, be sure to pay careful attention to the calendar of the foreign institution if you plan to study abroad. Also, consider what courses you need to obtain for your degree and whether or not these courses are at proper sequence & are within your budget. India is one country that offers one of the best education opportunities in the world.

Advantages of Studying in India after Class 12th

Holistic approach – It is pretty difficult to gain admission in home lad countries universities if you have not been a bookworm all along. Universities in India are quite diverse in requirements, delivers much great quality education and helps in empowering you with more skill-oriented education.

Education in India is more application-based – The Indian curriculum is in the good books for being more skewed in favour of theory and practical applications. You can consult a good Education Counsellor in Delhi – India.

You learn and develop personal and managerial skills – Starting early at an undergraduate level gives you a fair edge with more opportunities to build on these valuable skills like intercultural communication skills, leadership, and independent management along with a high level of maturity to survive in a culturally distinct environment than yours. All of these skills are greatly appreciated in the job market and can prove to be invaluable to any organization in today’s globally competitive world.

You get access to advanced technology and facilities – For those of you who wish to take up IT, science, engineering or technology, an option to study in India can surely give you the advantage of accessing state-of-the-art research centres and technology, which Indian Universities are good at. One of the reference universities, Graphic Era Deemed University in Dehradun, Uttarakhand in one such example and is home to many foreign students.

You can explore career options – International universities like Graphic Era Deemed University in Dehradun, Uttarakhand in India give an opportunity to explore many career tips in minor & major programs both.

Your ideal job has an international element – You can move one step ahead by taking up a UG overseas program in India with a help of a good career counsellor in India if your ideal job has higher international engagement. If the fashion world beckons you then doing a fashion course in India would take you some steps up the ladder. If Business Management, Technology and Social Sciences are what you are looking at in the future, then an international degree from leading global universities like Graphic Era Deemed University in Dehradun, Uttarakhand shall definitely benefit.

A few points of not considering education abroad after 12th  

–         Overseas education is quite expensive

–         It’s not a good option if you completely lack clarity on your career tips

–        You may not be mature enough to face the cultural change right after 12th

However, if you are still looking for an international environment there are some international level universities in India that for sure give you the environment that you are looking for in your own vicinities. You can try Admission in Best Universities in India, one of which is Graphic Era Deemed University in Dehradun Uttarakhand. This University has acquired transnational dimensions through student exchange and knowledge sharing programs with many foreign universities and has been acclaimed and honoured at international forums for its brilliance in upholding the highest standards of education. This university also ranks in the Top MBA Colleges in India for the International environment.

Here are some good reasons in favour of preferring overseas for an undergrad degree program as career tips:

A post-graduation degree is often cheaper

The PG degree is quite cheaper than the graduation unless you are talking about doing an MBA which is much costlier than many PG courses.

The tuition fee for PG also gets lesser simply because you get more facilities for scholarships and grants, as well as access assistant positions and other on-campus jobs making it easier for students to pay off their education loans and expenses on their own.

By the time you get ready to go for a PG, you are more mature and clearer about your goals at the PG stage which helps you avoid mistakes in choosing your course.

An overseas post-grad program from a renowned global university in India makes you eligible for higher posts in the corporate world.

It helps you to expand your friends & professional network. While in an undergrad program; your exposure to the industry is limited due to course specifications. But a PG program expands your networking circle by connecting you with professionals across the globe which can help you a lot in your professional career.

Studying abroad will expand your professional perception. But at times, you might be confused while selecting the right college/university. It is very tough to decide whom to contact for career tips when everyone claims to be an expert. Don’t hesitate to contact AdmissionLelo to make the right choice.