How to pick your higher Education in India or abroad

How to pick your higher Education in India or abroad

Making choices for a Higher education has always been rather complicated, especially when there are too many options to consider. In fact, the biggest obstacle standing between you and your ideal study programme, realistically, has to pick it from India or Study Abroad.

The sheer explosion of opportunities everywhere is overwhelming, but you need to start somewhere soon.

Here are the most important criteria to consider when choosing your future university either in India or Abroad:

Motive & Inspiration

Before you decide on whether you want to pursue your studies in India or abroad, identify what is your motivation behind your choice for Admission in College 2019.

Your choice to study abroad is by any pressure, or because you enjoy travelling? Studying abroad will undoubtedly give you plenty of opportunities to travel, explore new places and cultures. However, these goals can also be met by simply travelling or taking up overseas internships.

Similarly, studying in India may be comfortable, being close to home, but in career you have to consider the benefits you will have from the course.

Your decision of your chosen course should depend upon the excellent universities, colleges, and teachers that would make a priority for making a suitable choice for your studies.

Choice of Career Options

Studying abroad may give you a career liberty in many fields, but there are certain career & professions in which it would be preferable to study in India. This also depends upon your idea of future settlement for example such as law, if you plan to practice in India you have to study Indian Law.

Long-Term Goals

Imagine your future and picture yourself 10 years down the line, this will help give you a clarity in choosing the right path  

Students who are opting to study abroad can broadly divide their understanding into 3 types, based on end-goals:

  1. If you wish to travel abroad to study, complete course and return to India.
  2. If you wish to travel abroad, complete your studies, gain experience for a few years and then return back to India.
  3. Or if you wish to permanently settle abroad after your studies.

Cost vs. Return on Investment

Studying abroad is expensive, including tuition fees, cost of living, travel and other miscellaneous expenditures. While the costs involved should be a factor in your decision-making process but be sure not to make it the only factor.

The upfront costs of a graduate or post-graduate degree can seem expensive and daunting, but consider the return on investment you will receive by means of career opportunities with your degree in the long run.


The means of financing your education is also an important factor to consider whether you decide to study in Top Colleges in India or abroad. There are numerous scholarships available, based on merit, subjects taken, course opted for, and on the economic background of the applicant.

Although there is hefty competition for full scholarships that cover the entire tuition fees, partial scholarships are also available. In case scholarships do not materialise, you can look into taking student loans, you can also consider working part-time to cover up the costs as per the destination

Adaptability & Culture Differences

We all like to think of ourselves as highly adaptable people, able to adjust to whichever situation we face, but the reality is that sometimes change becomes too much. Travelling and

If you are thinking about studies abroad, keep in mind that the form of education, teaching styles, and admission process will be radically different than what you are used to.  A change in the format of teaching may seem to be a good option theoretically, but think practically on whether you can adjust enough to extract the benefits from the study programme. When you consider where you want to study, realistically think about the environment change that you will face. New experiences sound exciting but may become a strain if you are in a changed atmosphere for a long period of time and you also have to concentrate on studies.

Degree Recognition

Whether you want to complete graduation in Best University in India and then study abroad, or study abroad and work in another nation, carefully examine the prospective course and its accreditation and recognition status worldwide. Not all degrees are recognised as equal by different countries.

Country’s Political Situation

Politics is a subject that most people tend to avoid thinking about, especially when it comes to international politics. However, if you are considering studying abroad, the political situation in that country is worth looking into, as well as the crime rates. The security atmosphere in India is not ideal but if you continue studies here you have the support of your loved ones and already are familiar with the environment.

Summing Up

Research and the right overseas guidance are the keys to make a well-informed decision. Remember to keep in mind the long term view, rather than short-term goals. Need help to select the right career? Rush to AdmissionLelo in New Delhi, who helps students in making the right career choices at the right time.