How to Restart After a Career Break?

How to Restart After a Career Break?

Taking a career break is quite common, despite the stigma of the void that will be created. Everyone has different thought process & career goals they wish to achieve at their own pace.

So if you are feeling slightly apprehensive about returning back into the workforce after a break, remember these tips to put you on the right path with renewed confidence. Get in touch with a good career counselor. There is good online career counseling as well available now.

There are two main types of career breaks that people take:

  • Voluntary breaks

If the career break you took was planned, you have to be sure that you want to return to 9-5 job before you begin your job hunt. You should be able to show it in your CV that you really mean to get back to working and that you can commit to your job. Your new employer shouldn’t be thinking that you are unplanned & can take leave and disappear again. You will also have to explain why you took the career break. If you learned anything productive that adds to your skills or experience during your work break, it could help to convince your future employer.

  • Involuntary breaks

If you didn’t want to take the career break but still had to, don’t write about it in your CV. Your resume should be positive, not apologetic. Even if you got fired in your last job or the company closed down due to reasons. It’s good to come clean about yourself because the companies look for references.

With both the above situations there will still be a need of understanding while restarting a career:

Restart your Career after a break

To start with:

1. Assess your situation

Do not make a mistake of jumping into the first job you find. It is important to access your current situation and open your mind to as what was the right path for you earlier may not be the correct fit now. If you get into a quick job search, you may still find yourself looking for one till you find the right one.

2. Update your CV with your career break

It’s quite normal for us to believe that a gap on our CV will ruin our career. However, instead of seeing it as a flaw, review it as something positive that can differentiate you from other candidates. Add all the new accomplishments you may have developed during your break, and explain how these can relate to the job you are now applying for.

For example, a diploma course any volunteer work and develop your leadership skills or perhaps even travelling the world helped to give you a much-needed confidence boost.

3. Network

Don’t forget to use your existing connections while looking for a job after a break. Reach out to your previous colleagues & clients. They may have the perfect job for you or be able to help you in the right direction.

4. Be prepared for your interview

Before attending your first interview after the gap, make sure you’re prepared to being answerable to the questions about your career break. Be honest about your decision on taking a gap. Explain why you have decided to re-join the workforce, whilst emphasis on your passion, drive, and focus.

5. Look for career returner programs

There are many companies available who runs their return to work program for the aiming men and women who have taken a career break. These global Reentry Program provided by the companies help networking and mentorship opportunities to senior executives who are looking to re-join corporate life after taking a career break.

6. Be confident

It is the most important thing in your abilities. Confidence helps you value what you can offer an employer. Write down your skills and strengths on a piece of paper. Take a refresher course to brush up your skills or consult a career counselor. Make sure to do your research on employer’s website and social media channels. Also look at their competitors, read the latest industry news and industry trends.

Hope that these above tips helped you to restart your career.

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