Importance of “GPA” in College Admission Requirements in 2019

Importance of “GPA” in College Admission Requirements in 2019

It is important to get a good GPA to get admission to a college of your choice. GPA means Grade points average. It is a system of judging a student’s performance & it is followed by many countries. GPA is an indication of your academic record and evaluates your ability to perform well in academics; no other score calculated can give a better indication of your academics. GPA is one of the most important factors & College Admission Requirements in 2019 in getting admission in a good college.

Class Rank or GPA is quite critical for students applying for admission to various universities. So, go through the College Admission Form in 2019 carefully to read all the possible requirements. Especially while applying for courses in Top MBA Colleges in India, or engineering, or medical.

Here are a few tips about Admission in the Best College/University in India with GPA:

Calculating the GPA

Make a table of your University’s system & actual applicable GPA system & opt for Career Counselling for Students. Present the comparison between GPA and your System to your school authorities and get it sealed with University registrar and to support the document send it along with transcripts.

However, GPA is not the only criteria to seek admission. Many students getting admission in the best university in India are with quite low GPA, like less than 3/4.

Many colleges set a 3.0 as a baseline though they may still consider students with lower GPAs. You can refer to the best courses in the Kalinga University in Raipur, Chhattisgarh for the best options also with lower GPA.

What you need to realize is that maintaining a B average has become a routine. You will find colleges expecting B as a minimum GPA.

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The 4.0 standard scale GPA in the college admission process

The 4.0 system has become the standard scale in most colleges, and many high schools have adopted this GPA scale as well. Teachers also award a letter grade, which is translated into a scaled score. This score is then multiplied by the number of credits the course is worth. A cumulative GPA then arrives at a conclusion.

Translating your GPA scale & Converting 4.3 to 4.0 GPA

If you are searching for college admissions assistance with comparing your GPA, here is a very common ready table for translating grades from one scale to another for your reference. This table is also applicable in many Indian universities. For example, Kalinga University of Raipur, Chhattisgarh is one such option.


– A+ = 4.0 = 97-100          4.3 GPA

– A = 4.0 = 94-100             4 GPA

– A– = 3.7 = 90-93             3.7 GPA

– B+ = 3.3 = 87-89             3.3 GPA

– B = 3.0 = 84-86               3 GPA

– B– = 2.7 = 80-83             2.7 GPA

– C+ = 2.3 = 77-79             2.3 GPA

– C = 2.0 = 74-76               2 GPA

– C– = 1.7 = 70-73             1.7 GPA

– D+ = 1.3 = 67-69            1.3 GPA

– D = 1.0 = 64-66               1 GPA

– D– = 0.7 = 60-63            0.7 GPA

– F = 0.0 = 0-59                  0 GPA

If you learn how to interpret this information, you can also learn a lot about college admissions requirements. Many colleges announce average grades of their entering students on the 4.0 GPA scale to share a sense of how competitive the college is but sometimes you will see the percentage of the entering class had grades on the scale 3.0 or 3.5 as well.

The best colleges with Low GPA requirements

Even if you obtain a low GPA, it doesn’t mean that a great education is out of reach for you.

So what’s a Low GPA for College?

Firstly, we should clarify what is meant by a low GPA. The definition of a low GPA quite much depends on your personal goals and the target colleges. But a general thumb rule is that the GPA below 3.0 puts you in the lower range for most colleges in any country and also in the Best University in India.

It’s true that a 3.0 is supposed to be an average GPA in the country, but also remember that many high school students also don’t go to college. So, the ones who do go to college usually end up having higher GPAs, on whatever they have obtained, the same can be as lower as 3.0. You easily apply for the course of your choice at Kalinga University of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. A career counsellor will be of potential help to get into this university with proper guidance.

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If any student seeking admission in graduate studies has grades in a different system, the student should clearly mention that the system of GPA does not exist and also provide details on their working grading system.

In an event of a system that is different from the usual GPA system, some universities may ask for the universities detailed method of evaluation of the scores and their scales. In such case, consult the examination controller of the University or the Registrar for an official evaluation that is to be included along with the transcripts. It is also recommended to send your rank certificate or official average score of class or toppers grades if any etc. to clarify the difference between GPA and your system.

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