Important things to know about Ragging in College Life

Important things to know about Ragging in College Life

Introduction in between Freshers & seniors of the College Life is a very important part. This helps the new generation of the college to understand university life quite well and also can seek help from the seniors in the future. But somehow this simple introduction has taken a strange turn with a name Ragging.

Time and again horrific incidents occur in institutes and also in Top Colleges in India. In the name of a friendly introduction, students are bullied, leading to extreme and unfortunate consequences.

Below are a few important things to know between an interaction and ragging in your college life:

  • Introduction Meet:

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A fresher’s party is formally organized by the institute to help students feel at ease in the college and with their seniors. Introduction & playful activities orientation for juniors designed are officially supervised, where seniors interact with juniors, are desirable. Seminars, workshops and festival celebrations create a friendly atmosphere on campus.

  • Communication:

You should identify the difference between a friendly session and an uncomfortable communication. If you feel that your personal space is being interfered and discomfort that means the boundary has been crossed which may lead to a traumatic experience.

  • Hostels:

Ragging happens in hostels because hostels are seen as ‘safe’ places for ragging and students stay there for the most part. Day scholars do not face the brunt as they head home after classes. In fact ragging mostly takes place at night. But measures taken by administrative authorities and wardens can eradicate ragging.

Despite of the measures taken by the university authorities, it is still important to know on what to do if you have been ragged:

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  1. Call the available student helpline number
  2. Approach the anti-ragging squad, wardens & teachers
  3. Remain firm on your actions when boundaries are crossed and not wait for things to get worst during ragging to take any action
  4. Sharing your experience with friends will help deal with the mental stress
  5. Built a support system. You should not feel shy or scared to seek help
  • College Administration:

It is important for the student & the parents to know on how the respective university administrations deal with ragging cases. Ragging is not an attribute of an institution but it depends on the quality & nature of students studying in it, at a particular time. Ragging can be a part of any institute. Even a premier Best University in India could be in charge by a ragging case but this will not affect its position of a well-known institute in the long run. This is an important question and should be raised by the parents & prospective students during the admission process. This can also be easily consulted with an Online Career Counseling Agency in India.

  • Inspections:

The institutes have been asked to install electronic surveillance systems and alarm bells to raise an alarm during help needed, especially inside canteens, corridors and even garden lawns. It is mandatory to take surprise inspections to such spots that are known for being used for ragging purposes. It is also mandatory for institutes to form anti-ragging squads & quick-response teams to identify certain students who are generally known for creating trouble.

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And above all students should be taught to first stand up for themselves and refuse to do any act that is unrespectable & degrades them as people.

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