What are the Influential factors of Career Development?

What are the Influential factors of Career Development?

Choosing the career is a significant step towards the development of an individual towards its adult life that would affect positively or negatively, psychologically, socially and economically in the later stages of their career journey. The earlier decisions of career lead you to a path of success as well as to a downfall. That depends on how strongly you know about your strengths and inclination towards the field of your choice.

Meanwhile, career development draws you closer to self- actualization whereas self- assessment of your interests or abilities.

Career development is a process where an individual train himself to acquire the skills asked by the opted field of career. Later, after earning the desired skills, students need to perform their job and achieve the targets set by them.

While the whole process, you tend to learn and adopt numerous skills and abilities that you were capable of, but were unaware about, up till now.

You happen to encounter learning opportunities and opting skills like leadership, time management, communication management that helps you shape your career for a lifetime.
The decision of career development relies on your growth and satisfaction. It has nothing to do with anyone’s preference.

However, several factors influence the decision of career development. Highlighting some of them that majorly affects career development are as follows:

1. Personal Interests and skills
The personal interests and skills, an individual acquires, ultimately help in the selection of occupation according to the perfect fit. First of all, you need to recognize your true skills and points that you are good at and then decide the field based on that. Identify your strengths and activities that you enjoy the most with the help of various career portals online by filling your interested fields or buy some time for FREE career counselling sessions.

2. Parental Influence
Traditionally, parental influence has been eternal. There are several suggestions and instructions given by your parents and relatives at “family gatherings” about your career and what you should go for. Frequently, we have seen cases where parents guide their children to score a career, they have gone for, since childhood. Keeping the advice in your mind, go for the ones that would benefit you.

3. Cultural Background
Usually, cultural background plays a crucial role in moulding our career choices. The culture of a family, the local community, the peer directly influences the decision of career-making. Shaping our expectations and desires of achievements as its directly linked to different parts of lives. To deal with this factor, career counsellors have come up with the knowledge of the multicultural specialized field and answer accordingly while counselling the students.

4. Gender as a barrier
Since ages, we have been living in a world of stereotypes and gender acts as a barrier in terms of the various career field. The outlook towards a respective gender determines the opportunities are a barrier or not while making career decisions. Deeply extract information about the genders working towards career development as it keeps on evolving.

5. Childhood dreams
Every child fantasizes about what he/she would be one day when he/she would be big enough like his dad or mom or his elder brother. Childhood experiences or dreams help you get a gist of the field you were interested since the start. It helps you portray a picture of who you want to be now! Several career counselling theories work with young students to help them get a clear version of their choice of field.

6. Personality type
The personality of an individual reflects the job he/ she should go for. There are various types of personality however, students get confused while choosing the best for them. Ample of career benefit theories online helps you select your job type based on your characteristics and job preferences.

7. Economic and Social Conditions
Last, but not the least, economic and social conditions might act as a hindrance while selecting the career field of your choice. How the economy of the market of the chosen field is going on and whether it’s going through a recession period shortly or not? are some of the economic points, you need to take care of. Any personal events that have portrayed your life to a certain degree also shape the decision, we take.

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