Why Choose a career that suits you with AdmissionLeLo?

Why Choose a career that suits you with AdmissionLeLo?

A Career Counsellor is an expert who enables and empowers you to take the decision on your own by using a standardized test, assessment, your strength, make you aware of the college institution you will be choosing, how you would be considering, and the best career path you can follow to reach your goal quickly. Ultimately helping you make an informed choice crafting a most amicable career goal and reach there with full confidence.

AdmissionLelo  has a mission to provide the most up-to-date career information, supporting career and educational research in an integrated, innovative, supportive and engaging manner.

Career Counselling for Students has become an integral tool for guidance professionals throughout the country. It is supported by both public and private organizations, who partner with us in order to help us understand the most useful and updated information about careers and courses across all sectors of the economy. The AdmissionLelo website and guidance resources have grown hugely, both in content and in its user base and is also now receiving good impressions every month.

AdmissionLelo is a core team of good specialists coming from a broad range of educational and industry backgrounds, including areas such as psychology, guidance counselling and human resources with many years of experience working in schools, adult and community development and in career services. They also have an Advisory Group made up of Guidance Counsellors.

Online Career Counselling has been working closely with guidance counsellors to provide the most up-to-date career tools and resources to support informed career and educational research.

Each Counsellor provides valuable information for anyone who is interested in exploring the various career and educational opportunities in a particular career area. They raise awareness of opportunities within the sector for students, career seekers, guidance counsellors and parents, who may not otherwise have access to, or knowledge of, the full extent of opportunities in that sector.

The unique programmes at Online Career Counselling Body have been designed to facilitate the best of Career and Educational Guidance in educational Cycle where’s the programme covers five core areas:

  • Career Planning
  • Self-Assessment
  • Study Skills
  • World of Work
  • World of Education

Career Files of AdmissionLelo are encouraged to create a personal Career File to assist in planning and managing their Career Development.

The aspirants are encouraged to build:

  • Self-Assessment tools that enable the aspirant to find out how their interests, personality, skills etc. can relate to different courses and careers.
  • Course and career tagging help to create the shortlists of courses and occupations that can be stored for further exploration.
  • Education and Training opportunities are outlined along with details on where to find courses that match a student’s interests and career aspirations. A searchable database of further Education with links to detailed course information on individual college websites.
  • Apprenticeships a guide is available with full details on what is involved in each apprenticeship and where to go for further information and application details
  • Labour Market Statistics is also made available to help analyze the Market Information integrated across all sectors and occupations, clearly indicating where the jobs in demand are now or are likely to be in the future.
  • Parents and Guardians AdmissionLelo has produced a comprehensive section for parents and guardians to support their students in making informed career and college decisions including a section which answers all the most commonly asked questions.
  • Subject Choice- a comprehensive counselling and discussion are done to help choose the right subject for the higher studies.

AdmissionLelo, the Online Career Counselling team provides two bespoke resources available for guidance practice. Both of these innovative guidance programmes have been developed in collaboration with guidance professionals working across the sectors.

The provision of training and support underpins in all of our programmes. AdmissionLelo has provided training to 1000’s of guidance professionals, educators, adult learners and job seekers over the years. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the participants from various areas like

  • Second level Guidance Counsellors, Principals, teachers and coordinators in schools around the country.
  • Adult Guidance Counsellors/Practitioners, including Jobs clubs. This also includes training at the best to use all the factors for the best career consideration and the best selection practices.
  • The undergraduate and postgraduate students in courses including University Certificate, Post
  • Graduate Diploma and Masters Programmes for Guidance Counsellors.
  • Job seekers at careers fairs, jobs clubs and recruitment events.
  • Community education and support centers

AdmissionLelo provides a professional guidance counselling service for students and adults who would like support in making the career, educational and/or employment decisions. This service is of particular benefit to career changers, job seekers, students and those looking to explore their career and education options.